Stakleni Horizont – Der gläserne Horizont

2018 – 12:30 Min.

A nightmare in Lower Saxony, Germany, begins as the Croatian guest worker Andrei, who is employed in a slaughterhouse, is arbitrarily denied by his predecessor to the dormitory and is forced to build a shelter in the nearby forests. The hope for a better future for him and his family is evading the oppressive narrowness of a miserable life in fear and oppression.

Festivals / Awards / Labs (Selection)
Working Title Film Festival 2018
(Official Selection)
Award: Special Jury Mention

Yale Student Film Festival 2018
(Official Selection)

Filmschau Baden-Württemberg 2018
(Official Selection)

Writer / Director:
Denis Pavlovic
Christina Honig
Director of Photography:
Michael "Midge" Throne
Julia Meyer-Pavlovic
Johannes Schelle