OZ – Gegen das Grau (In development)

2026 – 90 Min. / 52 Min.

Loved and hated – OZ is one of the most active graffiti sprayers the world has ever known. Even after his death, the works of Walter Josef Fischer remain omnipresent in the cityscape of Hamburg. With a blend of abstract art and radical political messages, he declared war on the monotonous gray of the city and the Nazis. Despite persecution, media slander, and years of imprisonment, he left his mark over three decades – until his tragic death on the tracks.

The life story of the infamous sprayer is intertwined with the history of National Socialism in Germany, especially in Hamburg. From the rebellion of the post-war generation, right-wing extremist attacks in the 1990s, to the rise of the AfD, National Socialist ideologies have managed to persist in our society despite the gruesome past.

Over the years, OZ evolved from an outsider to a revered artist in the scene and had several exhibitions. However, fame and money did not interest him. Until his death at the age of 64, he remained highly active and never deviated from his course of shaping the urban world and expressing his political views. Through the use of animations, contemporary archival material, eyewitness accounts, and interviews, the story of a controversial artist and activist from the working class is told – a man far ahead of his time, uncompromising, who never wanted to subordinate himself and accepted the harshest consequences for it.

Frederik Subei
Denis Pavlovic, Julia Meyer-Pavlovic
Lucas Lipp