New Year East

2023 – 30 Min.

A film about two Croatian graffiti sprayers who desire a new European future for their lives. A short story of friendship, family and hope where it is already thought to be lost.

Missiles fly through the air and explosions ring out in the backyards.
New Year’s Eve is just around the corner, but Marko and Ivan don’t feel like celebrating.
They belong to the first post-war generation in the country and are stuck between corruption, powerlessness and an uncertain future. In order to bring at least some color into their lives, they go out night after night and spray the grey dreariness of the capital.

Festivals / Awards / Labs (Selection)

Internationales Münzenberg Forum Berlin 2023

1. Prize – Category: Film 


Super Kunst Festival Lübeck 2023
Special screening – in cooperation with Docfilm42 – the independent documentary initiative
(Official Selection)

SWIFF Filmfestival 2023

(Honorable Mention)

Writer / Director / Producer:
Denis Pavlovic
Director of Photography:
Christian Neuberger
Julia Meyer-Pavlovic
Etienne Gerat