Neues Heim – Ein Leben Lang

2023 – 3:10 Min.

The film accompanies a man on different stages of his life. Growing up in the barracks on the Schlotwiese, the feeling of first love, starting his own family and growing old together in dignity.

Commercial Spot for the Baden-Württemberg building cooperative “Neues Heim”

Festivals/Awards/Labs (Selection):

Clio Awards 2024 – WINNER – SILVER – Clio Music Awards

New York Advertising Filmfestival 2023 – WINNER – GOLD – Cinematography

New York Advertising Filmfestival 2023 – WINNER – SILVER – Directing

Berlin Commercial 2023 – Official Selection

Neues Heim - Die Baugenossenschaft
Denis Pavlovic, Julia Meyer-Pavlovic
Script / Director:
Tobias Lischka
Director of Photography:
Jan Fabi
Julia Meyer-Pavlovic