Mañana Sol (In distribution)

2024 – 90 Min.

A couple is drawn to the Canary Islands where they plan to live out their retirement together, but everything changes as they painfully separate, forcing them to fight boredom in the wake of their shattered life dreams.

An honest and unflinching portrait of the search for meaning in retirement.
Jadranka and Aleksandar Pavlovic met almost 35 years ago on the Canary Islands. Upon retiring, they returned, separated, and now live as friends on two islands, five and a half hours apart. The film follows their new life in the decaying island paradise of Gran Canaria and Tenerife. In doing so, we observe the difficult struggle against boredom, illnesses, and the lost relationship. To escape the past, Jadranka immerses herself in work and has opened a bar, while Aleksandar grapples with doctor’s visits, drunken friendships, and painful heartbreak.

Festivals / Awards / Labs (Selection)

Dok.Fest München 2024 (Official Selection)

Internationales Filmfestival Mannheim-Heidelberg / Cutting Edge Talent Camp – 2022
(Official Selection)

Writer / Director:
Denis Pavlovic
Denis Pavlovic, Julia Meyer-Pavlovic
Michael "Midge" Throne
Julia Meyer-Pavlovic
Original Music:
Christian Bluthardt