Im Land der Märchen und Träume (In development)

2025 – 100 Min.

The Soviet tourist fairy tale, in a country that has been on the verge of disintegration since the declaration of independence over 30 years ago, does not exist on maps, is not recognized anywhere in the world, and perhaps for that very reason continues to interests people from all over the world to visit it – Transnistria.

A film about three tour guides, all having their very own Eastern European perspective on life, shaken by wars, identity conflicts and dreams, for another future, build up on ever lasting past. They have to make a living in one of the most unsettling political and geographical landscapes in Europe, on the edge of major changes to come.

Festivals / Awards / Labs (Selection)
MOLDOX Lab – Inspiration Workshop – 2020
(Official Selection)

Empfang der Filmhochschulen – Pitching at Max Ophüls Preis – 2021
(Official Selection)

Laur Cinema (Moldova)
Writer / Director:
Denis Pavlovic
Denis Pavlovic, Calin Laur, Julia Meyer-Pavlovic
Director of Photography:
Michael “Midge” Throne
Julia Meyer-Pavlovic